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Fairy Light Fan Canopy at Ufton Court

Lights fan out across the barn

The fan canopy is a dramatic display of fairy lights that suits the layout of the large Tithe Barn at Ufton Court really well.

The lights fan out elegantly from a high point above the rear barn doors, where the top table is normally positioned, to a lower point on the opposite side of the barn with the vertical wooden pillars.

Ufton Court Lighting

The Tithe Barn at Ufton Court is quite large and has relatively high beams. When we were asked to recommend a real wow-factor lighting installation we suggested a double gathered fairy light canopy.

This means running several strands of lights along the length of the barn suspended from four beams, spaced close together on the middle two and wider on the outer two.

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Customers Say...
Just wanted to send you an email to say how happy we were with the festoon lights you installed or us on Saturday - it looked so magical in the barn, everyone commented on how beautiful it was!

Thank you for also hanging the bunting, which looked great too! It all looked so wonderful, even better than I imagined! I'm so happy I found Oakwood Events online :-)