Edison Bulb Lighting Hire for Weddings & Events

Stylish and beautiful, Edison bulbs are exposed hanging bulbs with intricate filaments which glow in a gorgeously warm golden colour. Whether they're hung under beams or clustered together as a stunning centrepiece they are a perfect choice for vintage, urban, industrial and loft-style weddings.

We use assorted bulbs varying in size, shape and filament style in our custom-made wiring looms to create stunning displays as spectacular feature lighting for weddings and events.

Our lighting services for weddings and events include all equipment hire, installation and removal.

Filament Bulbs

The lamps use delicate tungsten filaments arranged in beautiful patterns inside glass envelopes of varying shapes and sizes. Each lamp is individually wired so that it can be positioned exactly as required for the best effect. The bulbs are usually hung at random heights, giving additional depth and visual interest to the canopy.

The lamps naturally produce light in a very warm white or golden colour which is flattering to skin tones and looks superb in photos. When they're dimmed in the evening, using the supplied dimmers, the glowing filaments turn an even warmer shade that looks breathtaking above an evening reception or dance floor.

As an optional finishing touch, metal wire cages can be added to selected bulbs.

Canopy Styles

There are two main designs for incorporating Edison bulbs into a wedding décor scheme. They make a superb statement piece hung clustered together, for example above the top table, or for a larger scale display they can be suspended from the beams overhead. Our custom-made wiring looms have been designed to allow the flexibility to install in a variety of ways to achieve a beautiful display that's perfectly adapted to the specifics of each venue.

Top Table Feature
Edison Bulb Top Table FeatureEdison Filament Bulb Top Table FeatureThis long, narrow chandelier of hanging bulbs looks stunning suspended directly above the top table, with each bulb contained inside a wire cage that is a perfect style match with the bulbs.

To soften the look, greenery can optionally be added to the chandelier, cascading down toward the bulbs hanging underneath. This works really well if further greenery will be on the table itself as it visually links the two together.

The top table feature is ideal for weddings where the top table will be the focal point of the room as it really draws the eye and frames the area around the table.

As well as looking beautiful in their own right, the bulbs cast a flattering, golden light over the wedding party which looks superb during the wedding breakfast, speeches and in photos.

Edison Bulb Chandeliers
Edison Bulb ChandelierCustom made chandeliers, each with ten Edison bulbs hanging from a wooden cartwheel frame and adorned with silk greenery and wire bulb cages.

The chandeliers are ideal for spreading the effect further throughout the venue as one chandelier can be suspended from each beam.

Suspended Overhead
Edison Bulbs Hanging OverheadBare Bulb CanopySets of bulbs hanging from the beams create a more distributed, full-room effect.

With this canopy style, we work with the unique features of each venue to design a canopy that is both beautiful and functional whilst being tailored to the style and layout of the room.

Each bulb is inidivdually wired so that they can be hung at random heights for an informal feel.

Where appropriate in certain venues, greenery can be added to soften the overall look, for example along narrow beams with lights suspended underneath.

An overhead canopy fills the room with soft, warm light so we connect the entire canopy via easy to operate dimmers so that the bulbs can be dimmed in the evening.


Custom built using the highest quality components, our Edison bulb canopies use Bakelite bulb holders on black wire for that authentic vintage look. The bulb and filament shapes have been carefully selected for their unique, interesting style while looking great together as a group.


We install our bulb canopies on dimmers so the right atmosphere can be set for the evening reception.

Experienced in working in old and listed buildings, we respect the venues where we work and use temporary, non-damaging fixings. We take safety seriously and can supply evidence of our public liability insurance (PLI) and portable applicance testing (PAT). We undertake working at height and electrical safety training and all of our ladders, scaffold towers and specialist equipment is regularly maintained and checked.

We pride ourselves on our smart, efficient and polite approach to installs and pack downs. Our eye for detail, technical excellence and designs that maximise the venue features are borne from our extensive experience specialising in barn lighting.

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Following our wedding and the FANTASTIC lights, I thought you would like the attached from the professional photographer to showcase the Edison arrangement.

Happy for you to use these as you want. Hope they're helpful and thank you so very much for assembling them for us at our wedding. They were just stunning and exactly what we envisaged!