Ufton Court Wedding Lighting

Ufton Court is a beautiful Tudor manor house wedding venue with a large tithe barn. The high oak beams in the barn are perfect for suspending a breathtaking lighting display such as fairy lights, paper lanterns or festoons, and the white walls are ideal for highlighting with our dynamic uplighters.

So far, we have provided lighting for over 120 weddings in this wonderful venue! Below are some of our most popular wedding lighting services for Ufton Court. Feel free to contact us to discuss ideas or to request a brochure with a full list of services.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are a wonderful way to personalise lighting in the barn by adding accents of the wedding colours. Paper lanterns can complement elegant, rustic and dramatic schemes whether lit or unlit, clustered, distributed around the barn, or added to a canopy of fairy or festoon lights.

We have lanterns, pom poms and honeycomb balls available in a wide range of colours and several designs for installing them in the barn:

  • Fairy lights with lanterns - our fairy light star canopy with a stunning, customised cluster of lanterns in the centre is a popular combination.
  • Central canopy - a large cluster of lanterns as a centrepiece to the barn.
  • Festoon lights with lanterns - add a selection of lanterns to selected bulbs on a festoon canopy for a softer look.
  • Zig zag canopy - perfect when you want lit lanterns without other lighting, lines of lanterns in your choice of colours zig zag along the barn for a stylish look.

Disco Lanterns

For a real wow factor in the evening, some of our paper lantern designs can be supplied with a hidden disco mode for the evening.

The lanterns (which can still be in any choice of colours) are lit as normal during the day, then at the press of a button they begin changing colour to complement your disco or band's lighting.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are the perfect choice for rustic or vintage styled weddings in the tithe barn.

Our festoon lights use warm white LED bulbs on white wire and are connectable, which means we can join together as many sets as required to create a number of different designs.

As with our fairy lights, they are supplied with an easy to operate dimmer controller so they can be dimmed in the evening if required.

Popular festoon canopy designs include:

  • Random loops - unique and delightful, a huge canopy using hundreds of metres of lights arranged in random loops of varying height and length.
  • Crossed strands - simple and stylish, festoons are hung to form a series of crosses along the length of the barn.
  • Single swag canopy - lights are hung in a large zig zag suspended between two of the beams for an unfussy, structured look.

Paper lanterns can optionally be added to selected bulbs on a festoon canopy.

Fairy Lights

A canopy of fairy lights suspended from the high beams makes a real feature of the barn's high ceiling. The height of the beams allows for beautiful, large scale displays with long swags of sparkly lights.

Our lights are warm white in colour and are very bright to ensure the best impact during the day. With so many bright lights it's essential that they can be dimmed to create the right atmosphere during the evening entertainment, so we supply an easy to use dimmer controller with every canopy.

Ufton has a classic tithe barn layout with six high beams and a row of pillars edging the bays along one side of the barn. The layout allows for several different canopy designs; some of our most popular are listed below.

  • Star canopy - maximising the height of the barn while also creating a more intimate atmosphere, our star radiates from a central point out to the pillars one side and wall opposite.
  • Single swag - a classic design with parallel lines of lights hanging between two of the beams. A perfect match to any wedding style.
  • Fan canopy - bold and dramatic, fairy lights fan out from a high point above the back door, sweeping down and outwards to the row of pillars opposite.
  • Double gathered - one of our largest canopies, lights are hung along the barn creating 3 beautiful swags of lights and spaced closer together in the middle to form a bow shaped canopy.

Optionally add decorative touches using the wedding colours by adding paper lanterns or pom poms to a canopy.

Edison Bulbs

Bare edison bulbs hanging from the beams make a stunning feature and give a lovely golden light.

The bulbs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and filament styles and are individually hung on varying length drops.

At Ufton Court, the bulbs can either be suspended from the beams or on our custom built Edison chandelier as a breathtaking centrepiece display above the top table. See this page for more information.


Uplighting is a simple but effective way of filling in the light around the walls of the barn. The whitewashed brickwork is the perfect surface for uplighting, either in a subtle gold to complement the colour of fairy or festoon lights, or in a colour to match your scheme.

The lights can be supplied with a simple controller with different settings for the day and evening. For example choose a simple static colour during the day and then switch to a synchronised colour changing mode during the dancing in the evening.

This is the perfect way to change the mood of the barn from daytime to evening.

Ufton Court Fabric Drapes

Fabric Drapes

Sumptuous fabric drapes complement white table linens and soften the lines of the barn, helping to create a more intimate atmosphere for your wedding.

Hung in an up-and-over style, the drapes are attached to a high point in the middle of the beam and then at lower points at the sides to form an arch shape under the beam.

We use wide, high quality flame-retardant voile for our drapes ensuring safety and a lush, luxurious look.

Professional Installation

We have a lot of experience installing lighting weddings at Ufton Court, so we're able to install large scale displays quickly and efficiently while causing the minimum disruption.

Overhead lighting installations have stringent safety requirements which must be met to ensure the safety of you and your guests. All of our installations are designed with safety in mind, using only high quality professional equipment which is regularly inspected and maintained.

We hold relevant public liability insurance (PLI), portable appliance testing (PAT), electrical safety and working at height certification.

Find Out More

The images on this page show some examples of our previous work at Ufton Court. For lots more images of our work, see our Ufton Court Pinterest board.

To discuss lighting options and ideas for your wedding at Ufton Court, please contact us here.