Festoon Light Hire for Weddings & Events

Festoon lights are a fantastic lighting choice for rustic and festival weddings and they also suit urban chic, loft style and vintage wedding themes. Whether the design is structured or informal they are the ideal lights for couples who want appreciable light that makes a stunning style statement in photos.

As well as canopies, festoons are flexible and can be dropped down walls to create a back drop, swagged between pillars or combined with fairy lights for added texture.

Festoon lights make a big impact even in relatively small quantities making them an ideal partner to other services. Fabric drops, fabric swags, bunting, lanterns and pom poms all complement the style of festoon lighting. Outdoors they're ideal for adding light to a patio or courtyard area, making it usable well into the night.

Festoon Light Canopy Designs

Festoon Crossed Strands

Suspended from the beam braces or beam ends, festoon lights are hung in a generous swag from point to point, creating crosses of lights along the barn.

A great design in its own right while also being an excellent match for other décor elements such as bunting, drapes, lanterns and pom poms.

Random Loops Canopy

We developed the unique random loops design to recreate a concert feel for a couple who wanted a random, unstructured but luxurious feel.

Random loops uses hundreds of metres of lighting and is completely custom for every installation but the best thing is that it photographs beautifully as it looks different from every angle.

Optionally add paper lanterns to selected bulbs as a finishing touch.

Widthways Canopy

Widthways canopies are best for a more dense look or where a ceiling canopy of lights is desired.

Lights are hung back and forth to create a big impact lighting canopy.

Single Swag

A single swag is created by zig zagging back and forth between two of the main beams.

A great design for personalising with paper lanterns in a colour to match your wedding theme hung on random bulbs.

Optionally add paper lanterns added to some of the bulbs.

Backdrops and Swags

Hang festoons down a wall as a backdrop behind a ceremony or top table or use swags of lights under or between beams and other fixing points for a simple, effective display.

Outdoor Festoon Lights

Festoons can be hung between buildings, along the edge of barns or buildings and look lovely hung in the branches of large trees.

They can be installed on poles to line walkways or along balustrades and patio railings.


Our high quality connectable festoon lights are the perfect balance of style, safety and flexibility. The bulbs are spaced 50cm apart, with warm white LED bulbs on white wire. LEDs are reliable, with low power consumption making our festoons suitable even in rustic barns when power may be limited. Because the bulbs don't get hot, our lights are also suitable for use close to delicate surfaces or fabrics, outdoors and when the lights are within reach.

Being lighter weight than a traditional black rubber harness we can achieve longer spans overhead, opening up lighting design options inside and out.


We install our canopies on dimmers so the right atmosphere can be set for the evening reception.

Experienced in working in old and listed buildings, we respect the venues where we work and use temporary, non-damaging fixings. We take safety seriously and can supply evidence of our public liability insurance (PLI) and portable applicance testing (PAT). We undertake working at height and electrical training and all of our ladders, scaffold towers and specialist equipment is regularly maintained and checked.

We pride ourselves on our smart, efficient and polite approach to installs and pack downs. Our level canopies, technical excellence and designs that maximise the venue features are borne from our extensive experience specialising in barn lighting.

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For lots more images of our festoon light installations, see our dedicated Pinterest board.

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