Lit Paper Lanterns at Caswell House

This simple, effective canopy of lit paper lanterns looked amazing in the beautiful Wenman's Barn at Caswell House.

Lit Paper Lanterns at Caswell House

Lanterns for the Ceremony

Lit Paper Lanterns at Caswell House

Lanterns and Uplighting in the Evening

There are several ways to use lanterns at Caswell House, each achieving a different look. In this case we used a mixture of large, medium and small white lanterns suspended from the thin metal beams. Each lantern was individually lit using our bright, long lasting battery lights, ensuring that they looked as good at the end of the evening as they did for the ceremony earlier in the day.

Also shown in the photos are our LED uplighters, adding a soft golden glow to the walls. They can of course be set to any colour of choice, or can even change to different colours throughout the day.

We offer more than just paper lanterns and uplighting. Find out more about wedding lighting at Caswell House on our main Caswell House lighting page, or contact us here for a quote or to discuss how we could help with your event.

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Customers Say...
I just wanted to email you to thank you and the team at Oakwood for the beautiful lighting, lanterns & up-lighting you supplied for our wedding. When I stepped into the barn for a sneak peek before the guests entered it was so breathtakingly amazing that I cried!

The lighting got even more beautiful as the night went on and we lost the natural light, it was fantastic!

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and have been extremely professional in ensuring that everything was perfect for our special day so thank you very very much!