Wedding Lighting at Oxford Union

The debating chamber at the Oxford Union is a wonderful venue for a wedding. The high ceiling and gallery are ideal for adding a canopy of fairy lights or festoons, giving a soft, warm light and helping make the room feel more intimate.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights in Oxford Union debating chamber Hundreds of metres of sparkly fairy lights create a large canopy suspended over the debating chamber, giving a warm and cosy glow to the room.

The fairy light canopy helps make this large space feel more intimate and adds a touch of glamour in the evening.

Our lights are warm white in colour and very bright so that they are visible even during daylight. In the evening they can be dimmed to set the mood for dancing.

Festoon Lights

Oxford Union festoon light canopy A canopy of festoon lights zig-zagged back and forth above the debating chamber suits rustic or vintage themed weddings.

Our festoons use warm white LED bulbs on white wire for a soft, wedding-friendly look.

As with our fairy lights, the festoons can be dimmed to create just the right atmosphere for the evening entertainment.

LED Uplighting

Uplighting LED uplighting adds highlight lighting and colour to the room by placing discreet lights around the perimiter of the chamber.

Our LED uplighters are supplied with an easy to use controller which allows you to choose a different colour for the different parts of the day, and even includes an option for synchronised colour changing for the evening.

Uplighting is the perfect way of changing the mood of the room at the touch of a button. This works particularly well at the OU by positioning the units on the balcony so that the light reflects off the high, white ceiling above and back down into the room below as an impressive effect for the evening.

Professional Installation

We have built up a lot of experience installing lighting at the Oxford Union so we're able to install large scale displays quickly and efficiently while causing the minimum disruption.

Overhead lighting installations have stringent safety requirements which must be met to ensure the safety of you and your guests. All of our installations are designed with safety in mind, using only high quality professional equipment which is regularly inspected and maintained.

We hold relevant public liability insurance (PLI), portable appliance testing (PAT), electrical safety and working at height certification.

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The images on this page show some examples of our previous work at the OU. For lots more images of our work, see our Oxford Union Pinterest board.

To discuss lighting options and ideas for your wedding at the OU, please contact us here.

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